Skin Lux Co. luxury massage candles are manufactured in a UK based factory set in the beautiful Irish countryside. They are made with Organic Shea Butter and Organic Cocoa Butter mixed with a blend of 100% natural botanical and essential oils. They are designed to be used on the skin as massage oil, hair oil treatment, body lotion/moisturiser or simply as a room candle. We make products that are unique, handmade and help people to take a little time out of their day to experience some form of pleasure and transport them to a special place or moment where they feel whole and at peace.

Our Mission

We want people to have a tranquil moment where they are able to fully stop and appreciate all the good things that life has to offer. Our massage candles are a great way to enjoy a relaxing time of the day and, when used as a massage candle, will leave your skin and hair feeling soft and wonderfully scented.

The Ultimate Relaxation

We hope to generate a positive effect of bringing people together with every candle we make. We want everyone to be able to get closer to each other in a unique way and our massage candles are the perfect way to do it. You can enjoy the candle on your own or share it with a loved one and create new memories whilst reminiscing about the old ones too.